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National Real Estate Exam

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What best describes an agency relationship where an agent has legal authority to act on behalf of the principal?

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Tenants by the Entirety and Community Property both generally pertain to

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Which of the following fiduciary duties continues after a listing agreement expires?

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Which of the following would not be considered appurtenant?

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Which of the following best describes Eminent Domain?

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When calculating the amount of real estate taxes owed, calculations are based on what type of value?

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What is Fannie Mae’s primary responsibility?

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Government power is the constitutional authority and inherent power of a state to adopt and enforce laws and regulations to promote and support the public health, safety, morals, and general welfare. Escheat is

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Commingling is the opposite of what?

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The fact there is a limited amount of land on earth represents what essential element of value?

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Mrs Thompson hired a broker to find her a 100+ unit apartment complex for sale. Upon finding one she liked, she made an offer for $2.5 million to include all the personal property as well. In order to include all the personal property Mrs Thompson needs a/an:

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After smoking, this is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. A naturally occurring gas that forms in rocks, soil, and water.

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In preparing for variable expenses in a property management budget, the property manager should set up a what?

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Your client signs a contract to buy a house and the seller refuses to sell the house at the very last minute. Your client still wants the house. What should your client do?

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What is the best definition listed for the term: “conventional loan?”

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After paying off a loan, the lender files what to release the lien?

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What is the general technique of determining three-dimensional positions of points and the distances and angles between them?

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When a furnishing company creates materials for the construction of a house and is subsequently not paid, it may file a(n):

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Puffing is a term referring to

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An interest in real property which is held for the duration of the life of a designated person is called a

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The statute of frauds, applies to

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A lender agrees to release the first borrower from all financial obligations and let a second buyer be responsible for the repayment of the debt. What is this an example of?

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Buyer Dan is considering buying a lot to build a single family residence. Dan hires an appraiser to appraise the lot. Which approach to value would the appraiser choose to complete the task?

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A legal way to dissolve the relationship when the parties don't voluntarily agree to its termination is called

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Under a lease for a commercial property, a tenant agrees to pay $3,000 per month plus 4% of the gross monthly sales. This type of lease is called a:

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Which of the following is a physical characteristic of real estate?

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Tina and Tom are two unmarried individuals who own property with equal interests and without a right to survivorship. Which of the following forms of ownership would Tina and Tom most likely have?

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Richard is renting property from Becky. Richard is on a month to month lease agreement. This past month he did not pay his rent. Richard's interest would be classified as:

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Used in connection with CERCLA and the creation of The Superfund; Retroactive liability means:

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Which of the following consumers would most likely qualify and be able to derive the most benefit from refinancing their mortgage?

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As a general rule of thumb ALL written offers must be:

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The ability to buy and sell is also known as what essential element of value?

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What is best defined as, a document in which a property owner contracts with a real estate agent to find a buyer for the owner's property?

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Which of the following contracts would best be described as a contract in which only one party makes a promise to perform an action?

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What is the difference between void and voidable contracts? Choose the best answer.

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What is the government issued plan to guide the long-term physical development of a particular area?

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Justin takes out a mortgage loan that requires monthly payments of $650.50 for 25 years and a final payment of $30,000. What type of loan is this?

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Which of the following can be achieved by dividing the price of the property by the rent that is produced?

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Mrs. Jane lives in a small residential neighborhood. 100-year-old trees surround her home, and her neighbor Mr. Joe claims the trees are on his property and is planning on cutting them down. Mrs. Jane tries to reason with Mr. Joe, but he refuses to listen. Mrs. Jane files a lawsuit that includes a court order for Mr. Joe to stop his actions until they can work something out. What type of court order is this?

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Which of the following best describes the acceleration clause?

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When contracting parties have signed a contract and both parties have done all they promised to do, it is called this:

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A property owner enters into an exclusive agency listing with an agent. The seller ends up obtaining a buyer for the house themselves. Is the agent entitled to compensation?

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An individual seeking to be excused from the requirements of a zoning ordinance needs a

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Even after an offer has been accepted and signed (by all parties), the buyer and seller may still choose to sign mutual release papers rather than proceed to closing. Which of the following circumstances would NOT give either party a justifiable reason to insist on a mutual release?

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Which of the following best describes the prepayment penalty clause?

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By which of the following can you not lose title to your property involuntarily?

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A man named Troy lives in California, but owns property across the U.S. He owns property in cities like Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and D.C. Troy decides he wants to sell his property in D.C. Instead of traveling all the way to D.C. to complete all the paperwork, he calls up his buddy Tony. Troy authorizes Tony, who lives in D.C., to sell his property for him. Troy gives Tony a/an:

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What does the Federal Housing Administration do?

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Aaron can't get to his property from a public road without crossing over his neighbor Ron's property. In this situation, Aaron needs a/an:

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What is the procedure used by a public or private entity with the powers granted to take privately owned real estate?

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Which of the following would not be considered real property?

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If a court decides a remedy for a seller compelling them to sell the property, it is known as what?

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Which of the following statements is TRUE about trusts and trustees?

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According to the Do Not Call list and Established Business Relationship (EBR) Rules, a real estate professional may contact a past client for relationship building purposes when?

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When you buy real property, you gain several different kinds of rights. One of which are rights called "surface rights." What are surface rights?

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In order for a month-to-month tenancy to be legally valid which of the following MUST the contract include?

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A housing development advertising its units being only available to people over 55 is what?

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When you borrow money to buy real estate, you give the lender a _____ against the property.

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Which of the following would NOT apply to the income approach in the valuation process?

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Steve (a real estate agent of five years) was at his local coffee shop with some agents from other offices. The subject of commissions came up, and agents began to compare their commission rates. What should Steve do?

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Choose the best answer. Which of the following is an example of a Special Use property?

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Which of the following is an economic characteristic of real estate?

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A property's market value is $350,000. The assessment rate for the house is 15% with 27.50 mills. Find the annual property taxes.

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Which type of lien is a claim imposed against a property without the consent of its owner?

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Local zoning ordinances often regulate all of the following except

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Which of the following legal concepts requires real estate listings to be in writing?

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An example of functional obsolescence in real estate is

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Real property can be converted to personal property by

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As a listing agent, what obligations do you owe to an unrepresented buyer?

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If someone is unlawfully forced to execute a contract it is called what?

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The person who hires or appoints an agent is called the:

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A senior housing development may refuse to rent to families if what?

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Which of the following statements about water rights is true? Choose the best answer.

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A parcel of land that is subject to an easement is best described as:

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Assuming there are no extra fees, and the broker is representing the buyer and the seller, what was the final sales price of a property if the commission rate was 5.5% and the broker received $11,000.

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If a legal description is too long to include in the body of a sales contract, a real estate professional should do what?

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During a standard residential transaction, verifying ingress and egress rights is an essential part of the:

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A homeowner hired a construction company to build a swimming pool at his home. The homeowner failed to pay the bill once the work was completed and the construction company filed a lien to obtain payment of the debt. The encumbrance created is called a:

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What is Ginnie Mae’s primary responsibility?

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The cost of public services is distributed among real estate owners through what?

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Tony and Taylor are two unmarried individuals who own property with equal interests and a right to survivorship. Which of the following forms of ownership would Tony and Taylor most likely have?

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Mrs. Jackson signs an open listing on her home with three different brokers. In this case:

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What is the highest form of real estate ownership that is recognized by law, in which the owner can enjoy the property to its fullest extent?

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Market value is

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Which situation is legal under the Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968?

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Which of the following situations would a percentage lease be most commonly used in?

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What is the key difference between a Less than Freehold Estate and a Freehold estate is

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Using a trust typically has advantages and disadvantages. One of the main advantages of Land Trusts are:

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CRV stands for Certificate of Reasonable Value and is issued by who?

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Which of the following would be classified as “consideration” in a real estate contract?

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There are three different main approaches that appraisers use while they make an appraisal. What are they?

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Is crossing out part of a printed contract allowed and legally enforceable?

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A property's market value is $400,000. The assessment rate for the house is 25% with 22.75 mills and a $25,000 property tax deduction. Find the annual property taxes.

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A buyer of a home was not informed that his house was on a septic tank system. The buyer has the right to:

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What best describes the type of agency typical in property management - in which an agent has limited power?

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Which of the following enforces all federal environmental rules and regulations?

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The amount borrowed is called the:

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Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) impacts which type of property?

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Which act amended the comprehensive environmental response, compensation, and liability act (also known as CERCLA)?

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What determines who pays for what and how much at closing?

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Real Estate Exam Practice Questions and Answers

State Specific Information and Practice Exams

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Real Estate Exam FAQ’s

If you are new to all of this, don’t worry, we gotcha covered. The real estate exam can be scary at first, but you can conquer the real estate exam with the right study materials. Have a question about the real estate exam? Find the answers to all your real estate license questions here:

What Is on the Real Estate Exam?

The real estate license exam is divided into two parts: the national and your specific state portions.

The real estate exam is mainly multiple-choice and is a mix of problem-solving, math, and vocabulary. By far, the most substantial chunk of the real estate license exam is the vocabulary.

The key concepts and words you have to study are essential for obtaining your real estate license, so you must learn and become familiarized with them. Here are what topics you are expected to know:

Property Ownership

Land Use Controls and Regulations

Property Disclosures

  • Property condition
  • Property disclosures
  • Environmental issues requiring disclosure
  • Government disclosure requirements (LEAD)
  • Material facts and defect disclosure

General Principles of Agency


  • Basic concepts and terminology
  • Types of loans and real estate transactions
  • Financing and lending
  • Lending process application through closing
  • Financing and credit laws and rules
  • Down payment vs monthly payment
  • RESPA, Equal Credit Opportunity, and Truth in Lending Act
  • Underwriting

Leasing and Property Management

  • Basic concepts/duties of property management
  • Lease agreements
  • Types of leases
  • Landlord and tenant rights and obligations
  • Property manager’s fiduciary responsibilities
  • ADA and Fair Housing compliance in property management


Transfer of Title

Practice of Real Estate

Real Estate Calculations

  • Basic math concepts
  • Calculations for transactions
  • Calculations for valuation, rate of return

Is There Math on the Real Estate Exam?

It depends. For a full explanation, check out this video on real estate math:

How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Your State

Real estate license requirements vary from state to state. Here are the general real estate license requirements that apply to all:

  • All states require a high school diploma or G.E.D equivalent.
  • All states require U.S citizenship and proof of state-specific residency.
  • All states require up to date forms of government-approved I.D (driver’s license, U.S. Passport, birth certificate). Anything expired will NOT be accepted at the test-taking site.
  • Many states require a background check or submission of fingerprints. Normally if a background check is required so is the submission of fingerprints although they are usually handled at the same time and do not require additional steps.
  • Some but not all states require proof of errors and omissions insurance.
  • Must complete required state approved pre-licensing courses.
  • Must pass state administered real estate exam.
  • Must pay state mandated real estate agent fees.

For specifics look at our full guide on Real Estate License Requirements by State.

More Exam FAQs

How Hard is the Real Estate Exam?

The real estate exam is a rigorous and challenging test that weeds out those who are not committed to being skilled agents. 

Passing the real estate exam takes more than completing any pre-licensing course. It takes massive preparation. The good news is that there are a lot of tools out there to help with passing the real estate exam.

How Many Questions Are on the Real Estate Exam?

The number of questions on the real estate exam depends on which state you are taking the exam in.

Usually, the exam varies between 80-100 national questions and 30-50 state-specific ones, but each state is different. You’ll need a 60-75% or better, depending on your state.

How Many Questions Can You Miss on the Real Estate Exam?

You can miss 15 to 30% percent of the questions in most states and still pass the exam. Again, it varies per state, so check out our state requirements page for more detailed information.

How Long is the Real Estate Exam?

The length of the real estate exam varies from about 1.5 hours to 3.5 hours again, based on the state you’re in. 

Who Administers the Real Estate Exam?

Real estate exams are administered at hundreds of locations across the United States, depending on where you live. Likely, your real estate exam will be issued by one of the following two nationwide testing organizations:

  • PSI Online or AMP
  • Pearson Vue

You can schedule your test at one of the appropriate testing centers once you have completed your state-mandated pre-licensing and are qualified to take the exam. 

More Free Real Estate Exam Resources

Below we put together a complete list of extra free study resources in hopes that you can pass your real estate exam the first time. If you know of any additional free resources that we can add to this list, please email us and let us know.

Real Estate Exam Study Groups

Have you ever heard of Reddit? It’s essentially a massive collection of forums where people can share news, content, and a bunch of other stuff. Well, there is a subreddit or particular section of Reddit dedicated to the real estate exam.

Click the link here or head to Reddit and search for the real estate exam to find the forum. The subreddit or forum should show up. Once you’re there, you can post any exam-related question you may have or answer other people’s questions too. As of writing this, it looks like they have over 2,100 members!

If you’re not into Reddit, we also have our own study group located on Facebook. You can check that out right here.

We highly encourage you to join these groups and talk to other test takers. Remember, we’re all in this together. The best way to pass is to use all the resources available to you. Sometimes people forget there are hundreds of others in the same boat. Never feel alone!

We have almost everything real estate related, and yes, that includes real estate exam prep videos. Here is a quick list we put together of some of our top real estate exam prep videos and playlists:

Real Estate Exam Prep Videos

In this playlist, study specific real estate concepts you need to know for the real estate exam. Learn about property rights, contract clauses, government powers, agency relationships, and so much more.

One of the most essential parts of the real estate exam is vocabulary. Watch these videos to review critical real estate terms that will appear on the real estate exam. This playlist covers 255 real estate vocab terms.

Want to practice real estate exam questions every day; this is the perfect playlist for you. Time this up with when your exam is scheduled, and practice an exam question every day.

Crash courses are a fantastic way to study for the real estate exam. Some include real estate practice exams and interactive real estate exam prep. If that sounds good, check out these crash courses:

Want Real Estate Exam Prep?

Between our real estate prep course, real estate practice exams, and video lessons – there is no better way to prepare for your real estate exam.

We’ve seen our students get results time and time again so we’re proud to stand behind our content. Your satisfaction is important to us, which is why we offer a no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee.

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