Free New York Real Estate Practice Exam Questions (February 2024) 75+

New York Real Estate Exam

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The majority of homes before _______ used lead paint.

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If a leased premises becomes uninhabitable deliberately in an attempt to remove the tenant. What is this action called?

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What is the difference between commingling and conversion in real estate?

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A senior housing development may refuse to rent to families if what?

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What is the biggest difference between private and public land use controls?

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What's the main point and purpose of the New York State Real Estate Board?

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The legal principle under which a person who does not have legal title to a property acquires legal ownership based on the continuous occupation of the property.

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Which New York law allows the Department of State to revoke, suspend, fine, or reprimand a real estate broker?

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Puffing is a term referring to

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Joint tenants with a right of survivorship means

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Used in connection with CERCLA and the creation of The Superfund; Retroactive liability means:

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What is the best definition listed for the term: “conventional loan?”

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In real estate, a deed is best defined as:

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What is the measurement or boundary between a plot of land or a building and the road onto which the plot or building fronts?

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Philip has a contract with his neighbor Jessica for lawn service. Philip can no longer mow the lawn due to an ankle injury. Paul, Jessica's other neighbor, agrees to carry out the terms of Philips contract. In order to do this, Jessica must substitute Philip's name with Pauls on the contract. What is this an example of?

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If a legal description is too long to include in the body of a sales contract, a real estate professional should do what?

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A buyer and seller entered into a contract, they negotiated the sale of the side lot at the same time as the transfer of the home. What is the second document called?

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Which of the following statements does NOT correctly describe a fiduciary?

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What is the outcome when a purchaser signs a purchase agreement and gives the seller's broker a large check?

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Choose the best answer. Which of the following is an example of a Special Use property?

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Assuming there are no extra fees, and the broker is representing the buyer and the seller, what was the final sales price of a property if the commission rate was 5.5% and the broker received $11,000.

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When calculating the amount of real estate taxes owed, calculations are based on what type of value?

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Which of the following best describes the acceleration clause?

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What is the difference between void and voidable contracts? Choose the best answer.

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An example of economic obsolescence in real estate is

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Which of the following best describes Eminent Domain?

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The best way to determine fair value.

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By which of the following can you not lose title to your property involuntarily?

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What is a one-of-a-kind contract that is solely between the seller and the buyer. In this arrangement, the seller gives the buyer the option to purchase property at a given price for a set period?

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Compliance with zoning ordinances is monitored through the issuance of

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Appraiser Leo was hired to prepare a feasibility study for a 12-unit apartment complex in which the owner is considering putting in a swimming pool. Which basic principle of appraising should Leo use?

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When, if all, can an executed contract be assigned?

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Which of the following real estate contract clauses is typically seen in blanket mortgages and allows for the freeing of all or part of a property from a claim through a proportional or full amount of the mortgage being paid off?

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When a furnishing company creates materials for the construction of a house and is subsequently not paid, it may file a(n):

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A tenant rented an apartment, signing a 16-month lease. After the lease expired, the tenant paid 1 month's rent and got a receipt. What kind of type of lease does the tenant have?

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In real estate, alienation is best described as:

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Utilizing the 28/36 rule, if Rebbecas gross income is $4,500 a month, she would need to spend less than ______ in housing costs a month to qualify for most loans.

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A homeowner hired a construction company to build a swimming pool at his home. The homeowner failed to pay the bill once the work was completed and the construction company filed a lien to obtain payment of the debt. The encumbrance created is called a:

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Local zoning ordinances often regulate all of the following except

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What is the difference between a testate estate and an intestate estate?

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Which of the following can be achieved by dividing the price of the property by the rent that is produced?

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Unlike apartments, which are leased by their tenants, condominium units are owned outright. A condominium is often shortened to

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A lender agrees to release the first borrower from all financial obligations and let a second buyer be responsible for the repayment of the debt. What is this an example of?

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Generally speaking, what happens when the supply of available houses in an area increases significantly?

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Which of the following best describes a balloon payment?

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Which of the following BEST describes a contract that is voidable?

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In preparing for variable expenses in a property management budget, the property manager should set up a what?

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Andrew created a life estate on his property for his sister Gabby. Under the terms of the deed, ownership of the property will last until

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In a typical real estate market, if the demand for commercial office space declines and the supply of office space also declines at the same ratio, market rent per square foot should:

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Which situation is legal under the Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968?

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In New York, what does first substantive contact mean?

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A contract agreed to and signed under duress is what?

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Researching recently sold homes in the area and homes that haven't been sold in the area and comparing their prices. Is an example of

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An individual seeking to be excused from the requirements of a zoning ordinance needs a

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The term "Licensee," is commonly used in real estate law. A licensee is just:

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Under agency law in New York Dual Agency is

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Which of the following would be classified as “consideration” in a real estate contract?

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A tenant rented an apartment, signing a 12-month lease. After the lease expired, the tenant paid 1 month's rent and got a receipt. What kind of leasehold does the tenant have?

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Whose obligation is it to disclose potential lead-based paint to buyers of homes built before 1978?

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What is the minimum age requirement to become a real estate salesperson in New York?

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What form of legal land description consists of principal meridian lines that cover most states in the US, running north to south and baselines running east to west?

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A housing development advertising its units being only available to people over 55 is what?

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What is the key difference between a Less than Freehold Estate and a Freehold estate is

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According to the Do Not Call list and Established Business Relationship (EBR) Rules, how many months does a real estate professional have to call an expired listing client to solicit new business (referral)?

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A collection of federal and state government laws that regulate the conduct and organization of business corporations, normally to promote fair competition for the benefit of consumers.

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Market value is

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What is the general technique of determining three-dimensional positions of points and the distances and angles between them?

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How often is continuing education required for New York real estate licensees?

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It is the _____ duty to explain the purchase agreement and to not mislead any parties.

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What is the document that defines the relationship between the broker and the seller?

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Earnest money should be deposited into a trust account:

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Under these rights, all landowners whose properties adjoin a river or stream, have the right to make reasonable use of it as it flows through or over their properties.

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This act, allowed greater control for the EPA to control contaminant levels, take legal action against public water auth. for violations, and require periodic water testing and notification to state authority and homeowners if contaminated.

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When talking about business and professional ethics, as a licensed real estate agent, it is important to make sure:

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A claim that has the appearance of having valid title, but in reality, the person either does not hold actual title, or there is a significant defect in the written documents supporting title, that makes it invalid. This an example of which legal concept:

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Hello, welcome to our New York Real Estate Practice Exam.

In New York, there are 75 questions on the exam. Many states have a national portion and a state portion, but New York has one section combining both for a total of 75 questions. 

The two most effective study tools for the state exam are practice exams and learning the state-specific license laws. 

Our state-specific practice exam is a fantastic tool to help you grasp your state's real estate topics. It works just like the national practice exam and is updated annually. Usually, using the state practice exam is enough for students to grasp the concepts. However, if you want more, the single most important resource out there is the laws they base the questions on. 

If you haven't looked at your state's Real Estate Statutes or Regulations, it's strongly recommended.

The test makers take snippets of laws applicable to your state and use them for the questions. We use the actual state laws to create our questions, which is why some of the questions may look familiar to you. Some websites and prep providers do not, and that's the secret. You need to know your state's laws. 

Furthermore, It would be best if you read through your laws at least once, and that's the greatest advice we can give you. Trust us, we know it can be very time-consuming, but reading through each one of these will provide you with precisely the information you need to pass. 

Best of luck, reach out if you need anything,

Real Estate License Wizard Team

New York Real Estate Statutes and Regulations

Here is our list of recommended Real Estate Statutes and Regulations you need to know:

NYS Board of Real Estate

  • Purpose
  • Guidelines

Property Law and Related Statutes

  • Definitions
  • State License Law
  • Prohibited Practices
  • Environment Law

NOTE: State websites update semi-frequently and sometimes their website URLs change. If any of the links posted below do not work, please reach out and we will update the links promptly. Thank you.

New York Real Estate Exam FAQs

Have a question about the real estate exam? Find the answers to all your real estate license questions here:

What are New York’s Real Estate License Requirements?

Real estate license requirements vary from state to state. Here are New York’s requirements:

  • Must be 18 years or older.
  • Must obtain and submit a copy of your own fingerprints.
  • Must complete required state-approved pre-licensing courses (75 credit hours).
  • Estimated cost of total fees and license: $70

How Hard is the New York Real Estate Exam?

The real estate exam is a rigorous and challenging test that weeds out those who are not committed to being skilled agents. To pass the exam in New York, you’ll need to get a score of at least 70%. With a total of 75 questions, that means the score to pass is 53.

How Many Questions Can You Miss on the New York Real Estate Exam?

In New York, you can miss 22 questions and still pass the real estate exam.

How Many Times Can You Take the New York Real Estate Exam?

There are no limits to the number of times you can take your real estate exam. Anyone who fails the New York state exam may immediately pay and reschedule the exam. There are no restrictions.

What Is on the New York Real Estate Exam?

The 75 multiple-choice questions on the salesperson examination cover a variety of topics that are relevant to New York real estate license law. Here are what topics you are expected to know:

New York General Exam Topics:

  1. Property Ownership
  2. Land Use Controls and Regulations
  3. Valuation and Market Analysis
  4. Financing
  5. General Principles of Agency
  6. Property Disclosures
  7. Contracts
  8. Leasing and Property Management
  9. Transfer of Title
  10. Practice of Real Estate

New York State Exam Topics:

  1. New York State License Law
  2. New York Real Estate Board Purpose and Guidelines
  3. New York Real Estate Prohibited Practices
  4. Environment Laws Applicable to New York

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