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It's simple, choose an exam and start studying. We suggest starting with our national exam, although feel free to pick whichever you like. Our real estate practice exams pull from a large pool of questions so each time you can expect a different study experience. Don't forget to read the explanations too, so you get a full understanding of the question. Lastly, at the very end of each exam, there is a recap of the questions you got right or wrong, which is also very helpful to look at.

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We strive to make our questions as accurate and up to date as possible. We use the most updated laws and information to create every single one of our questions. We have hundreds of real estate exam questions and add questions weekly. If there is ever additional content you'd like to see be added to our exams, feel free to reach out to us.

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For full access to all of our real estate practice exam questions check out our packages. With full access, you can have more national real estate questions, state-specific real estate questions, more real estate math questions, and access to other study tools!

Questions About The Real Estate Exam

If you are new to all of this, don't worry, we gotcha covered. The real estate exam can be scary at first, but with the right study materials, you can conquer the real estate exam.

How Does The Actual Real Estate Exam Work?

Each state real estate exam is broken up into two parts: the national portion and your specific state portion. The real estate exam is mainly multiple-choice and is a mix of problem-solving, math, and vocabulary. By far, the most substantial chunk of the real estate license exam is the vocabulary that we cover in our exams. The key concepts and words you have to study are essential for obtaining your real estate license, so it's crucial you learn and become familiarized with them. For a full list of real estate terms check our comprehensive guide.

How Many Questions Are on the Real Estate Exam?

The number of questions on the real estate exam depends on which state you are taking the exam in. Normally the exam varies between 80-100 national questions and 30-50 state-specific ones, but each state is different. You’ll need a 50-75% or better depending on the state you’re in.

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