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Best Real Estate Schools in Paterson, New Jersey

Choosing the right real estate school is crucial for your real estate career. From practical training to profound career knowledge, the best real estate school will help you achieve your career goals. In this post, I reviewed the five best real estate schools in New Jersey so that you can pick the right one.

Real estate school offers one of the best ways to start your career and increase your opportunities for financial success. New Jersey’s housing market was up by 10.3%  in June 2022 compared to the previous year. Talking about Paterson, home prices were up by 14.6% compared to the last year, and the median sale price was $412,500. Thus, it is clear that the real estate market in New Jersey is booming, so working as a real estate agent can be successful. However, you need to work with the top real estate companies in Paterson, New Jersey, to make your life’s most significant financial transactions. To become a successful real estate agent, you must get a license from a reputed real estate school.

So, how do you start choosing the best real estate school in Paterson, New Jersey? There are numerous real estate schools in Paterson, New Jersey, but not all are created equal. Real Estate Express and the GardenState Real Estate Academy are my top picks for the real estate schools in Paterson, NJ.

Moreover, I’ve narrowed the choices for real estate schools to the five best ones based on their course offerings, price, and more features. This post will help you learn about:

●      The best options for real estate schools in Paterson, New Jersey

●      The types of courses available to obtain a real estate license in NJ

●      The price of various courses available

What are the Best Real Estate Schools in New Jersey?

The best real estate schools should allow you to pursue a career in real estate by preparing you to take a real estate exam and get a license in your state. To pass the real estate exam, you must take pre-licensing, post-licensing, or continuing education courses from a licensed real estate school. Besides that, there are other things to consider, too, such as the state regulations regarding real estate licenses. The course hours, curriculum, price, and license laws differ from state to state. In this post, we’ll walk you through the best jersey real estate schools, so that you get a quality real estate education. 

Following are my top picks for the best real estate schools in New Jersey:

1.   Real Estate Express

Best Overall

Zack’s Take

Real Estate Express is my top pick because of its outstanding Exam preparation courses and comprehensive study aid.

●      Best for Exam Preparation

●      Price: $349.30 for pre-licensing and $98.95 for Exam Prep


Real Estate Express is one of the most reputable education providers in the country. The school has divided its real estate licensing course into two main categories; Real Estate Licensing Education and Exam PrepMaster. Operating in all 50 states, the school provides comprehensive online real estate education in various formats. You can get this education in online formats like live streams and self-paced courses according to your flexibility. Real Estate Express is ARELLO and IDECC accredited and is a trusted source for real estate education. If you’re an aspiring agent in New Jersey, you can enjoy the flexible learning solutions offered by this school. 


  • The exclusive online Livestream packages allow learning from professional and experienced teachers in New Jersey.
  • The packages include a 75-hour pre-license course, exam prep with audio playback, state-approved instructor support, two real estate ebooks, a real estate dictionary, instructed Q&A, and a printed course textbook.
  • The school also allows you to choose individual courses for which there are audio topic reviews. The audio topic reviews have chapter lists mentioned too.
  • The Exam prep master is a comprehensive package that includes ten practice exams, two national and three state final exams, custom exams, and digital flashcards.
  • There are affordable Livestream packages for Continuing Education with lots of live support.
  • The course rating and reviews for the New Jersey licensing and exam prep programs are available on the official website.


The Livestream packages for pre-licensing at Real Estate Express are available for $349.30 per package, which includes a 75-hour course. The Real estate exam prep for a New Jersey salesperson is $99, and the Continuing Education is $98.95 for a 12-hour renewal package with ethics.

What I Like

What I like most about Real Estate Express is that it offers a comprehensive package for all types of courses. Some of Real Estate Express pros are that it offers ebooks, practice exams, instructor support, Q&A with instructors, and audio topic reviews too.

What I Dislike

I believe there should be more relevant questions in the unit reviews so that the students easily clear the final exam. Besides that, Real Estate Express cons are that it gives only two opportunities to pass the test; if the students can’t pass it, they have to retake the whole course.

2.   GardenState Real Estate Academy

Best Runner Up

Zack’s Take:

GardenState Real Estate Academy is on our list of best jersey real estate schools because it offers flexible schedules to students who want real estate licensing.

  • Best for Instructor Support
  • Price: $389 for licensing courses and $99.95 for exam prep


GardenState Real Estate Real Estate Academy focuses on excellent instructor support for both in-person and Livestream options. Their official website is continually updated according to the new estate regulations and laws for real estate. The school offers live Continuing Education classes, exam prep classes, and salesperson and broker licensing courses. You can also get a textbook, easy prep guides, team, and office coaching. For in-person classes, you have to go to Cherry Hill, but if you live in Paterson, you can take online classes, which include live CE classes and exam prep classes.


  • Real estate CE courses are available in-classroom or online. You can also customize the online CE courses according to your schedule.
  • The Exam prep courses are available with live instructors and have different dates, which the students can choose according to their feasibility.
  • Pre-licensing courses are available for evenings, which you can attend in-Person (in Cherry Hill) or online classes through Zoom anywhere in New Jersey.
  • Course textbooks help you understand real estate licenses in New Jersey and pass the state exam easily. You can purchase these books online through the official website.
  • The school specializes in small classes to offer personalized Education and individual attention to all the students.


The Real estate exam prep class is for $99.95, and the classes are available according to upcoming dates and months. The pre-licensing course costs $389, and the continuing education packages are $99.

What I Like

I like that the real estate school offers affordable packages with extra instructor support. Besides that, there are live stream options, providing all course materials to prepare for the exam.

What I Dislike

The thing that I dislike about this school is that they don’t offer self-paced Education. The school should improve its online learning interface.

3.   ABS School of Real Estate

Best Interactive Courses

Zack’s Take:

ABS School of Real Estate is one of my favorites as they have professional and knowledgeable instructors that make real estate licensing courses a breeze.

  • Best for Interactive lessons
  • Pricing: $199 for pre-licensing courses


ABS School of Real Estate is a crowd favorite of New Jersey residents. They offer easy pre-licensing and exam prep courses that you can access from any device. Besides that, there are Continuing Education courses too for those who want to maintain their status in the real estate market after obtaining a license or passing the real estate exam. The ABS School of Real Estate has everything to meet the needs of an aspiring agent, whether you’re a beginner or an established real estate agent in New Jersey.


  • It is one of New Jersey’s most reliable real estate license schools, with more than 13 years of experience.
  • Flexible classes are available in the daytime and evening for the 75-hour pre-licensing courses.
  • There are practice exams and chapter quizzes, and all courses are available with two attempts to pass the exam.
  • The school provides all virtual study materials, helpful tools, and resources to pass exams.
  • The official website provides comprehensive educational resources for real estate licensing and helps you sign up for state exams.


The live Real Estate classes for pre-licensing are priced at $199, and they have a duration of 3 weeks. You can choose between the daytime and evening schedules according to your convenience.

What I Like

The thing I like about the ABS School of Real Estate is that it has professional, insightful, and accommodating instructors. The teachers here are incredibly knowledgeable and experienced, and hundreds of satisfied customers have shared positive reviews on Google.

What I Dislike

There is a communication gap regarding the real estate license course and credit hours. Besides that, there should be separate courses or packages for exam prep.

4.   Center for Real Estate Education

Best for Flexibility

Zack’s Take:

The Center for Real Estate Education is my hot pick because of its flexibility. Besides that, it includes everything you need to pass the NJ state exam.

  • Best For Flexible Schedules
  • Pricing: $219 to $499 for pre-licensing packages


Center for Real Estate Education offers numerous packages for pre-licensing education and continuing education courses. They have an extensive network of instructors who ensure that there are always classes in the session so that every student can get a class quickly. Their real estate courses are very affordable and have all course materials included with them. Moreover, their classes operate on a rotating basis, which means you can start at any time of the day.


  • The school offers a 100% pass guarantee, so you can return to as many classes as possible to pass the test or state exam.
  • There are unlimited classes and tests for those who need extra help to learn or pass the test. The good thing is that the school doesn’t charge you to retake the test.
  • There are rolling admissions and classes, which means you can start anytime, according to your flexibility.
  • The school offers comprehensive 75-hour pre-licensing courses with live State-licensed expert instructors.
  • An online New Jersey State Test Prep Cram Package offers an interactive online study system.
  • The school partners with real estate, mortgage, investments, appraisals, and more professionals.
  • The school conducts free or discounted master classes, boot camps, and seminars for aspiring real estate agents.


The pre-licensing courses offered by the Center for Real Estate Education are available in three different packages. The packages include the Essentials package, which is for $219, Power Study Package which is for $319, and the Ultimate Career Package, which is for $499. Besides that, they offer a 15-hour Refresher for Out of State real estate agents, priced at $197. The state test prep package is $124.95, and the Continuing Education courses are $25 and $35.

What I Like

I like that the classes are very flexible; you can choose any option from the weekend, evening, and weekdays. You can also mix and match the classes according to your schedule. Besides that, most of their students have passed state exams in their first attempt.

What I Dislike

I think the instructors should give more individual attention to the students, especially when answering their queries. Going through the Google reviews I found out that a few students complained about their instructors’ responses. They stated that the instructor didn’t clearly explain and they were a bit confused about the concepts.

5.   Signature Realty Academy

Best Budget School

Zack’s Take:

I have picked Signature Realty Academy because of its affordable salesperson evening courses. This school is a good option for those looking for a school on a budget.

  • Best For Budget
  • Pricing: $99 for the course


Signature Realty Academy offers extensive real estate education courses at great prices compared to other real estate schools such as the Absolute Real Estate School. The school has knowledgeable and helpful instructors that provide valuable information to aspiring real estate agents to help pass the state exams and get licenses. Besides, their virtual learning environment is comfortable, where the instructors encourage the students to ask questions and learn more about real estate licenses in New Jersey.


  • The instructors are very interactive and patient with the students. They are experienced and have all the students’ knowledge to obtain a license.
  • The courses are easy to understand, and there are PowerPoint presentations to make the courses more engaging.
  • The application process to enroll in this real estate school is straightforward. You just have to complete the form and proceed with the licensing courses.
  • The school serves as an online space for real estate courses from various professional and licensed instructors.
  • There is training for special designations and real estate careers.


The pre-licensing courses are available for $99, but the course material is not included in this price. Besides that, there are school exams too, which are for $15 per attempt.

What I Like

I appreciate that the 75-hour pre-licensing courses are available at a very affordable price. Plus, if you aren’t satisfied with the courses after taking the first class, you can get a full refund.

What I Dislike

I don’t like that all the students have to purchase the textbooks in physical or digital format, and that too separately from the package.

What is an Online Real Estate School?

An online real estate school offers courses and preparation material for the different stages of your real estate journey in the comfort of your home. These schools allow you to interact with instructors and professionals from the real estate industry to better understand your state’s real estate concepts for your professional development. Most online real estate schools also provide exam preparation classes and materials, which include practice tests, question and answer sessions, quizzes, and more. Different packages include a mix and match of courses and credit hours to suit your needs.

The best thing about these online real estate schools is that they offer flexibility. With physical real estate schools, you must attend the classes in person and follow a particular schedule. However, online schools allow you to participate in courses on any day of the week or any time of the day. Besides pre-licensing, post-licensing, and exam preparation, most jersey real estate schools also provide Continuing Education. Continuing Education benefits real estate students or real estate agents who have already got their licenses and want to improve their careers.

How Long Does it Take to Become a Real Estate Agent?

Every state has different requirements regarding the real estate licensing courses’ credit hours. You may be required to attend around 60 to 180+ hours of classes. In New Jersey, you must take a 75-hour pre-licensing course before applying for the license there.

The credit hours are divided into weeks differently by each school. For instance, you might be required to spend 10 hours attending classes every week. After completing the course, you’ll have to prepare for the real estate exam, which can take a few more weeks.  Altogether, it takes most students three to six months to finish their education and become real estate agents.

However, that’s just an estimate, and if you further slow down the calendar days of completion of the courses, it will take longer. Moreover, if you can’t pass the state exam on the first attempt, you’ll have to try again. Getting your real estate license in New Jersey can take three to six months to complete the 75- hour course and prepare for the exam.

How do Real Estate Schools Work?

Real Estate Online Schools work according to state laws and regulations. Since no national real estate license exists, every state has unique license requirements. So, to obtain a real estate license in New Jersey, you’ll have to follow the New Jersey real estate commission guidelines. 

Real estate schools allow you to take pre-licensing courses so you can take the state exam. These schools are accredited real estate licensing schools, and you must register and then pay for the licensing exam. Besides that, each state has its rules and laws for the number of times you can attempt an exam. Once you’ve cleared an exam, the real estate school or the professionals there will help you activate your real estate agent license.

How Much Do Online Real Estate Schools Cost?

Online real estate schools offer courses at different rates, and most of them are affordable compared to in-person real estate classes. Most real estate schools offer comprehensive packages which include course materials, instructor support, practice exams, and much more. The price of the packages depends on the perks you receive as a student and the credit hours. Self-paced classes with access to ebook is cheaper and may cost around $100 to $300, while live classes with instructor support may cost about $1000. The Continuing Education packages are cheaper and can start at around $15 but the price can go up according to the designations to fulfill the CE requirements.

Wrap Up!

After learning about our top picks for the real estate schools in Paterson, New Jersey, we hope you can make an informed decision. You can choose the best real estate school for you according to your budget, lifestyle, and learning pace. To choose the best real estate schools in New Jersey, we looked at various factors, including geographic availability, quality of Education, flexibility, learning methods, exam preparation options, and customer reviews. Plus, our top picks have a google rating of 4.8+ with the majority of satisfied students. Besides our top five picks, there are other reputable real estate schools too, like NJ Real Estate School and Absolute Real Estate School. 

Getting a real estate license requires time, effort, and money, but it is very rewarding in the long run.

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