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Best Real Estate Schools in Miami, Florida

Choosing the best real estate school is essential for your real estate business. A variety of real estate schools in Miami offer real estate education. Some of these schools have the best real estate instructors, while others provide a variety of formats to the students for learning.

Do you want to know my top choices right now? My best picks for the real estate schools in Miami, Florida, are Aceable Agent, Colibri Real Estate School, and Gold Coast Schools.

Choosing a real estate school helps you get the real estate education you need to develop your career. Florida’s real estate market is flourishing as it saw a record this year. 

Miami is one of the top cities in Florida where real estate agents earn a handsome income. A real estate agent earns $115,794 in Miami, according to Indeed. According to Glassdoor, a real estate agent in Miami makes around $139,581 annually. After looking at these stats, it is pretty obvious that a real estate career is very profitable in Miami.

As a real estate teacher, my job is to help people who are looking forward to becoming successful real estate agents. In this post, you’ll learn how to choose the best real estate schools in Miami to get a real estate license in Florida. After reading this post, you’ll be able to:

  • Learn about the Florida real estate license requirements
  • Know about the features that make the best real estate schools
  • Choose the best real estate school in Miami

What are the Best Real Estate Schools in Miami, Florida?

The best real estate schools in Miami, Florida, are the Aceable Agent, Colibri Real Estate School, and the Gold Coast Schools. To get a real estate license in Florida, you must complete the 63-hour pre-licensing course. Thus, you must look for those real estate schools that offer 63-hour pre-licensing courses to complete your education.

There are dozens of real estate schools in Miami that offer pre-licensing courses. Furthermore, these schools provide exam preparation packages that help real estate students prepare for the exams. You must first determine your requirements to choose the best real estate schools.

Are you looking for a real estate school that would help you get a real estate license along with a busy schedule? Do you want a flexible learning format because you want to switch between mobile and laptop? Many factors will help you choose a real estate school according to your preference. Below I’ve rounded up and reviewed the best real estate schools in Florida so that you can compare their features and pick one that best works for you.

Aceable Agent

Best Overall

Zack’s Take

Aceable Agent is my top pick because it offers the most advanced and convenient learning formats for real estate students in Florida.

  • Best for high-end video technology
  • Price: $116 for pre-licensing


Aceable Agent is an online real estate school that offers pre-licensing courses in Florida and other states. The school aims to provide advanced tools and technology to make it easier for students to get a real estate education. Besides using outdated and old-school teaching methods, the school focuses on high-end technology for imparting real estate education.

Their textbooks consist of easy-to-understand concepts and terminologies. Their courses are equipped with animations, quizzes, videos, and more. There are narratory courses that help you learn while you’re traveling. Besides that, they offer exam prep courses with each package. Overall, the school is perfect for those who want to benefit from the latest and modern learning methods.


  • The school is evaluated and accredited by ARELLO and IDECC. These institutions have verified the standard of education for getting the Florida real estate license.
  • The school offers a mobile app that allows the students to get online classes on mobile, tablet, or laptop.
  • The schools provide pre-licensing and continuing education, and there are exam prep courses for all the packages.
  • The real estate school provides various course formats, including live online and self-paced.
  • Their team of instructors includes experienced and professional people that help the students throughout their courses.
  • The students can communicate with their instructors anytime during the week via email.


Aceable Agent offers the basic course for pre-licensing, which costs $116. This course also includes practice exam questions. The Deluxe package is the most popular one and includes everything to prepare for the Florida real estate exam.

What I Like

I appreciate that the school provides an intuitive mobile app for real estate education. The school uses advanced video technology that helps the students learn more comfortably. The mobile app allows students to get their real estate courses anywhere.

What I Dislike

I think the school should have a campus location too. Currently, the school offers only online courses that are available for limited customer service hours only. That, too, is a drawback, as the students will feel frustrated due to the limited availability of credit hours.

Colibri Real Estate

Best for Budget

Zack’s Take

Colibri Real Estate is my second pick because it offers multiple real estate course packages, and that too at an affordable price.

  • Best for affordable real estate courses
  • Price: $83.40 for pre-licensing only


Colibri Real Estate School offers real estate courses in more than 30 states, including Florida. The school is ARELLO and IDECC certified. It offers flexible learning options for pre-licensing, continuing education, and license renewal. The school provides 24/7 access to the content until the credits expire. They offer instructor assistance and progress tracking to help real estate students get licenses.

Colibri Real Estate School has helped more than 520,000 aspiring agents get their real estate licenses in the U.S. The real estate course options and features vary from state to state. Fortunately, Florida real estate students can benefit from a variety of advanced features and learning methods offered by this school.


  • The school offers advanced and interactive pre-licensing courses for self-directed learners. These courses allow the students to complete their course within a few weeks.
  • The real estate pre-licensing course packages include The Basics and Ultimate Learning. Besides these, there are FL exam preparation and Exam preparation plus packages.
  • The exam prep course packages include audio review guides and live exam crammer series.
  • The Ultimate learning package includes 63-hour pre-licensing as well as exam preparation. The package also includes 1-year professional development for aspiring real estate agents.
  • The school offers discounts on their packages so that their students can learn affordably.


The Colibri Real Estate School offers the basic pre-licensing course for only $83.40. The Basic pre-licensing course includes only the 63-hour courses to obtain the Florida real estate license. The Ultimate Learning course includes the 63-hour pre-licensing course as well as exam prep, real estate books, animated learning videos, and more.

What I Like

I appreciate that the school offers live Q & A chat to its students. This feature is really helpful, especially for desperate students who need answers to many questions related to the real estate exam. This also helps the students clear their real estate concepts and have a better understanding.

What I Dislike

I dislike that the school allows the students to access their courses for six months only. Thus, it isn’t a good pick for those students who want to take more than six months to complete their courses.

Gold Coast Schools

Best for Long-term access

Zack’s Take

Gold Coast School is one of my top picks because of the industry-leading Livestream options and instructor support.

  • Best for long-term access to content
  • Price: $559 for pre-licensing and exam prep package


Gold Coast Schools offer comprehensive packages for obtaining a Florida real estate license. They offer online as well as classroom options for real estate students in Florida and other states. If you live in Miami and prefer a structured schedule with an on-site classroom environment, you can attend the campus location of the school.

The real estate school’s website is informative, with many student sources and study aid available. The school also offers a live chat option, which allows real estate students to solve their queries immediately. Besides live chat, technical support is also available through email and phone.

If you choose the self-paced format, you must sign up on the platform and start online classes immediately. The classes are available in two languages; English and Spanish.


  • The school offers three packages: Gold Coast Essentials, Gold Coast Plus, and Gold Coast Pro.
  • The real estate learning packages offer interactive exam prep modules, a guidebook, ‘Language of Real Estate, and a proprietary online learning platform.
  • They have state-of-the-art classrooms that allow the students to take classes under the guidance of professional instructors.
  • The school offers its real estate students two years of course access. This allows the students to carry on their real estate courses longer if they have a busy schedule.
  • There are various campus locations in Florida, including Miami. The campus in North Miami is located at 163rd street.
  • There are weekly tutoring sessions for all the packages.


The Gold Coast Schools offer three packages for obtaining real estate licensing courses. These are comprehensive packages that offer pre-licensing and exam preparation courses. The most popular package is Gold Coast Plus, which offers Live Workshops, digital flashcards, and online state exam prep simulators. The Gold Coast Pro is the most expensive package and offers post-licensing and continuing education.

What I Like

I appreciate that the Gold Coast School offers Online, Livestream, and Classroom options for pre-license real estate courses. Besides that, they offer packages that meet the requirements of different types of real estate learners.

What I Dislike

I dislike that the school has no mobile app for real estate students. A mobile app makes it more convenient for real estate students to obtain their classes anywhere. Without a mobile app, the students will have to open their laptops and fix a particular time and location for obtaining the classes.

The Society Real Estate School

Best for In-Person Classes

Zack’s Take

The Society Real Estate School is one of my picks as it offers an interactive classroom learning environment to aspiring real estate agents in Miami.

  • Best for Classroom Learning
  • Price: $64.50 for only pre-licensing courses


The Society Real Estate School is located in Miami and is a perfect option for those looking for a classroom learning environment. The school offers a flexible learning environment; it conducts classes on weekdays, weekends, and even at night. The online classes are available for pre-licensing, post-licensing, and continuing education courses. These courses are offered in partnership with the CE shop.

The school offers a comfortable learning environment for real estate students. The classrooms include interactive learning and visual aids to make the learning sessions more enjoyable. Besides that, the school also offers tutoring services for those real estate students who need to prepare for the real estate exams.


  • The school has a team of experienced and professional instructors that make the pre-licensing courses interesting and more entertaining.
  • The school also offers a Cram course before the real estate exam. These courses help the students revise real estate concepts.
  • Their real estate courses are updated annually and provide the students with the latest and most updated courses and practices in Florida real estate.
  • The school offers a refund if the student decides to quit before the end of 4 hours of class. The student must also return all the materials in good condition; otherwise, the school will deduct the cost of the materials from the refund amount.
  • Their best instructors include Yuri and Isabel. These instructors have helped hundreds of aspiring agents achieve their dreams of building a real estate career in Florida.


The Society Real Estate School offers the courses-only package for $64.50 only. However, the classroom pre-licensing course is available for $368. The classroom courses include all the learning materials and real-world training by licensed instructors.

What I Like

I like that The Society Real Estate School offers a flexible learning environment. The students can choose between weekend, weekday, and night classes. The night class option is really feasible for those who are already working.

What I Dislike

I think that the real estate school should offer more options for online courses. For instance, they should offer self-paced learning and on-demand video options for those students who want to learn according to their convenience and schedule.

Tampa School of Real Estate

Best for Self-Paced Classes

Zack’s Take

Tampa School of Real Estate is on my list as it offers a comprehensive package for instructor-led online classes (video-based).

  • Best for self-paced and on-demand 
  •  Price: $297 for pre-licensing


If you prefer a self-paced learning format or on-demand video for real estate education, you must consider the Tampa School of Real Estate. The school offers pre-licensing, exam prep, and continuing education courses to the residents of Florida. The best thing about this school is that it offers video-on-demand, Livestream, and self-guided packages for pre-licensing.

Most of their classroom locations are in Tampa, so if you live in Miami, it’s better to choose the online classes option. The school has full-time and experienced instructors that make it easier for the real estate students to learn and understand the complicated real estate terms. The school also offers a comprehensive bookstore collection that allows students to purchase relevant textbooks.


  • The school offers online as well as in-person courses for aspiring real estate agents.
  • There are Livestream classes for students who want to benefit from the instructor-led real estate courses.
  • The school provides on-demand courses that allow the students to get classes whenever they have free time.
  • There is one year of instructor support even after the students have graduated. This helps the students develop their careers after obtaining a real estate license.
  • The school provides a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for students who aren’t satisfied with the courses.


What I Like

I appreciate that the school provides online courses in a self-paced format. The school also offers on-demand video-based classes for the students to learn according to their convenience. Besides that, I also like that the school offers a one-year retake guarantee.

What I Dislike

I don’t like that there are very few options for students who prefer a classroom environment. There are only a few classroom locations in Florida that don’t include Miami. Having a classroom location for aspiring real estate agents in Miami would be helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Florida Real Estate Exam Hard?

The Florida real estate exam is a challenging one. Thus, whether you’re taking online or in-person classes, it is important to prepare well for the real estate exam. The exam consists of 100 questions, and the students need to obtain more than 75% to clear the exam.

The students have enough time to attempt the paper; the exam is 3.5 hours, but the questions are tough. It is important to understand the real estate terms properly to master the Florida real estate exam. Topics such as liens, equity, mortgage, and other concepts related to real estate are essential to understand.

How Much Does Florida Real Estate Cost?

The cost to get a real estate license in Florida depends on the real estate school and the type of package.

Generally, it would cost between $350 and $700 to get a Florida real estate license. You don’t have to pay this amount in one go; this cost is spread over the total time to obtain the license. Besides the cost of obtaining a license, you also have to pay for the exam application.

Other fees required to become a real estate agent in Florida include a license fee and a background fingerprint check fee. The time needed to complete the pre-licensing course is around 4 to 6 months.


This was the list of my top picks for the best real estate schools in Miami.

Now picking one school out of these depends on your requirement, preference, and budget. This real estate school review consists of schools that offer self-paced, Livestream, instructor-led, and on-demand formats for courses.

No matter which type of school you’re looking for in Miami, Florida, I’m sure one of them is in this comprehensive review. I’m here to help you at all the stages of your real estate career so that you become a successful real estate agent in Miami.

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