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Best Real Estate Schools in Jacksonville, Florida

Selecting the right real estate school is essential if you’ve decided to enter the real estate industry. From the affordability of the courses to the flexibility of moving at your own pace, online real estate schools provide a platform to develop your real estate career. In this post, I’ve reviewed the five best real estate schools in Jacksonville, Florida, so that you can pick one.

Want to learn about my best picks right away? My top choices for the best real estate schools in Florida are the Watson School of Real Estate and the First Coast School of Real Estate.

To gain experience in the real estate industry, you must choose a school that provides the best education. According to Indeed, a real estate agent in Florida makes around $91,194 per year. Besides that, home sales in Florida were up by 13.9% yearly. It would be wise to choose a real estate career in Florida as it will help you succeed as a real estate agent. This post will help you to:

  • Know about Florida real estate license requirements
  • Identify your requirements for real estate education
  • Choose the best real estate schools in Florida

What are the Best Real Estate Schools in Jacksonville, Florida?

Jacksonville’s best real estate schools include Watson School of Real Estate and Florida Real Estate Institute. These schools follow Florida’s real estate education curriculum and will help you become a future real estate agent. The real estate schools offer 63 hours of pre-licensing courses.

Unlike traditional real estate schools, these schools focus on practical training and real estate knowledge. I have carefully evaluated several real estate schools in Florida to review the best ones in the area. To review the best ones, I considered various factors.

These factors include affordability, learning flexibility, time duration, and student reviews. After researching dozens of real estate schools, I decided to review only five schools in Florida that are the best in the state. These best schools offer a variety of courses and options to learn from anywhere.

1. Watson School of Real Estate

Best Overall

Zack’s Take

Watson School of Real Estate is my top pick because it offers instructor-led and self-paced real estate courses. The school also offers in-person courses for those who prefer studying at the class locations.

  • Best For Instructor-led (In-person and live-stream)
  • Price: $325 for pre-licensing


Watson School of Real Estate has more than 30 North and Central Florida campuses, including Jacksonville. If you prefer physical classes, you must consider the class locations in Jacksonville, Davenport, Neptune Beach, Lake Mary, and other locations.

The school offers instructor-led (in-person and live-stream virtual) courses. Besides that, you can also choose the online self-paced option. The school has an extensive network of licensed instructors and administrators. It also partners with licensed brokers and sales associates that help the students get real-life experience in the industry.


  • The school offers pre-licensing, post-licensing, continuing education, and state exam course preparation.
  • The 63-hour pre-licensing courses include instructor-led and online self-paced options.
  • The instructor-led classes have in-person and live-stream virtual options.
  • The pre-licensing course package consists of two textbooks, several formats to fit your schedule, an online end-of-course exam, and a printable certificate of completion.
  • The online self-paced option provides 6-months of access and 19 reading modules with quizzes for every module.
  • The school allows two attempts to clear the end-of-course exam for both course options.
  • Books are not included in the online self-paced option.


The pricing for real estate courses varies according to the type of real estate courses. For example, virtual and on-demand training costs $99. The 63-hour pre-license sales associate course for live stream and class locations costs $325.

What I Like

I appreciate that the Watson School of Real Estate has a team of experienced and professional instructors. The instructors are knowledgeable and provide detailed explanations of the real estate concepts.

What I Dislike

The online courses are excellent, but I have a few concerns regarding the class locations. The classrooms are too small and uncomfortable. The school must improve the class environment for those who wish to prefer studying at class locations.

2. Florida School of Real Estate

Best for In-Person Classes

Zack’s Take

Florida School of Real Estate is my second pick because of the excellent classroom environment and facilities.

  •  Best For In-Person Classes
  • Price: $267.95 for pre-licensing courses only


Florida School of Real Estate is a well-known school in Jacksonville, Florida. The school offers online as well as in-person real estate courses. They offer pre-licensing courses for broker and sales associate licensing both.

Besides that, there are post-licensing as well as continuing education courses. The school offers a variety of packages to meet the requirements of different types of learners. For instance, for fast learners, some courses can cover the courses within a week.


  • The school offers flexible online schedules, which include 7-Day Express, 10-Day Early Bird, and 15-Day Evening Classes.
  • The pre-licensing courses are updated annually to make sure the content is relevant.
  • The courses include charts, images, and real estate examples to make it easier to understand real estate concepts.
  • There are quizzes and end-of-course tests to help the students revise concepts before the real estate exam.
  • The Exam Prep courses include custom quizzes and tests on topics and subtopics. The QBank includes lots of questions and quizzes for exam preparation.


The real estate pre-licensing courses include two packages. One package is $226.95, which includes only 63-hour pre-licensing courses. The other package offers real estate pre-licensing courses and exam preparation, costing $267.95.

What I Like

I like that the school offers a comfortable environment for those who wish to attend in-person classes. Besides that, they offer a bookstore with textbooks written by real estate industry experts.

What I Dislike

I think there should be more options for online classes, such as Livestream courses. There should be more information about the online formats on the website.

3. Florida Real Estate Institute

Best for Multiple Formats

Zack’s Take

Florida Real Estate Institute is one of my top picks because it offers a variety of formats. This gives the students the flexibility to learn.

  • Best For
  • Price: $245 for Sales pre-licensing


Florida Real Estate Institute provides quality education to aspiring agents in Jacksonville, Florida. The real estate school provides convenience and flexibility by offering numerous course schedules. For instance, you can choose the evening, daytime, and weekend courses. They offer online courses as well as in-person classes in Jacksonville and at other locations. Their classroom environment is attractive and convenient and allows the students to learn real estate concepts directly from the instructors.


  • There are on-demand video courses that offer more flexibility to students with busy schedules.
  • The students can benefit from different learning styles; you can choose class locations or online classes according to your convenience.
  • The in-person courses come with complimentary exam prep and math tutorials on demand.
  • The school allows you to choose a one-week course or an eight-week course. The one-week course is for those students who look forward to learning all the concepts within a week.
  • After completing the online pre-licensing course, online students can benefit from the on-demand state exam prep course.


The 63-hour pre-licensing course is available for $245 and $75 to prepare for the real estate exam. Besides that, there are courses for continuing education and mortgage broker courses.

What I Like

I like that Florida Real Estate Institute offers different options for the learners to choose from according to their preferences. The students can choose any schedule and format according to their flexibility.

What I Dislike

The school should focus more on providing instructor support to real estate students. A few student reviews indicate that the instructors are not very supportive.

4. Bob Hogue Real Estate School

Best for Self-Paced Learning

Zack’s Take

Bob Hogue Real Estate School is one of my picks as it allows the students to learn in their style. The online self-paced learning option is handy for those who want to learn the concepts at their own pace according to their schedule.

  • Best for online self-paced education
  • Price: $249 for pre-licensing


Bob Hogue Real Estate School has a good name in the real estate industry because of its vast experience. The school offers self-paced as well as instructor-led live online classes. It has provided real estate education since the 1970s and has alumni of successful and professional real estate agents. Their licensed sales associates participate in the listing and selling of various types of properties. After completing the 63-hour licensing course, you can apply for the state exam. The Bob Hogue real estate school helps the students with materials and study aids too.


  • Some self-paced and live-streaming classes help with pre-licensing, post-licensing, exam prep, and continuing education.
  • The instructor-led Live classes offer interactive audio-visual resources. Besides that, you can also take help from comprehensive textbooks.
  • Professional development courses are for real estate instructors, home inspectors, and community association managers.
  • The online bookstore has extensive materials to help real estate students learn about the concepts.
  • They provide excellent customer service; the students can contact their instructors via email or phone after signing up for a course.


What I Like

I appreciate that the Bob Hogue School of Real Estate provides a Career build package to help the students after their licensing program. Besides that, there are audio review sessions that allow the students to learn to exercise and prepare for the exam. 

What I Dislike

I believe that the courses must be more affordable for the instructor-led classroom option. Plus, their website is a bit outdated and doesn’t have much information.

5. Colibri Real Estate

Most Affordable

Zack’s Take

Colibri Real Estate is my favorite pick because of its affordability. Their courses are perfect for those students who are on a budget.

  • Best for Budget
  • Price: $83.40 for pre-licensing only


Colibri Real Estate is one of Florida’s most affordable real estate schools. The school is state-approved, like other schools on my list. Besides their courses, the school offers many resources such as ebooks, exam-prep programs, and instructor support to help the students. Their real estate materials include images, videos, and text-based content to make the real estate courses more interactive and interesting. To top it off, the school has also included ‘How to do the job’ content, including real estate agents’ tips.


  • Their courses are certified by ARELLO and IDECC; thus, the school ensures that their courses meet the standards for real estate education.
  • The school offers real estate pre-licensing, continuing education, and exam prep courses. Their courses are available in almost all states.
  • The basic courses include the option to choose the self-paced online format. Other courses are available with live webinars and Q&A sessions with instructors.
  • The ultimate learning package includes all the courses with a satisfaction guarantee, three real estate ebooks, and a real estate dictionary.
  • The exam preparation plus include exam cram video and workbook and exam prep with audio playback.
  • The live exam crammer series includes six 1-hour webinars. These are instructor-led and are helpful in passing the state exam.


Colibri Real Estate offers a package that includes a 63-hour pre-licensing course, exam prep, a 45-hour post-license course, Q&A with instructors, and more. Students who want to obtain the 63-hour pre-licensing course only can go for ‘The Basics’ package.

What I Like

I like that some of the real estate courses include live Q&A chat. Besides that, the school also offers money-back guarantees for a few courses.

What I Dislike

I don’t appreciate that the course access ends within six months. Also, the course price is not included in the printed text materials and other study aid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Florida Real Estate School Hard?

Real estate education in any state is not very easy. The Florida real estate exam is difficult, and most students fail on their first attempt. The students must study, research, and take numerous quizzes throughout the process to obtain the license.

To become a real estate agent in Florida, the students must complete the pre-licensing course. After that, they can submit their license application and pass the real estate exam.

How Long Does it Take to Become a Real Estate Agent in Florida?

According to the Florida real estate requirements, the students must complete a 63-hour pre-licensing course. On average, it takes 2 to 5 months for most students to achieve real estate licensing. However, some students have completed this course in a few weeks too. For example, the Florida Real Estate Institute allows students to complete the course within a week.

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Real Estate License in Florida?

The cost of becoming a real estate agent in Florida depends on the school and the course you have chosen.

Most students pay around $250 to $350 for their real estate pre-licensing education. However, to become a real estate agent, it’s not only the course cost that adds to the total cost. There are other fees which include fingerprinting fees, application fees, and examination fees.

The total cost to become a real estate agent in Florida can range between $400 and $600.

Does Real Estate Pay Well in Florida?

Yes, real estate in Florida pays well. A real estate agent can earn around $91,227 per year. However, a real estate agent’s income also depends on the agent’s expertise. For this reason, choosing a real estate school plays an important role.


All the real estate schools we reviewed in this post are legit and state-approved and provide the best education. Whether you want to choose in-person or online or go for the self-paced, live-stream, or instructor-led formats, these schools take care of everything. The real estate market in Florida is booming, and this is the right to develop a real estate career in the state. I hope my expertise and analysis will help you pick the best real estate school in Jacksonville, Florida.

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