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Real Estate Exam Study Group Recommendations

Today we are talking about finding virtual real estate exam study groups. Someplace to ask exam related questions, discuss the exam, and talk to other students like yourself!

Why Join a Real Estate Exam Study Group

Joining a real estate exam study group is a fantastic opportunity to speak to students in the same position as you. We highly encourage you guys to join these groups and talk to other test takers. Remember, we’re all in this together. The best way to pass is to use all the resources available to you. Sometimes people forget there are hundreds of others in the same boat. Never feel alone!

Click the video below for more:

Here are the two real estate exam study groups referenced in the video to maximize your real estate studying experience:

  1. The Real Estate Exam Subreddit
  2. Our Real Estate Exam Facebook Group

Thanks so much, as always, “Make Today Magical.”

The Real Estate License Wizard,

Zackary Smigel

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