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Today we are talking about textbooks, that’s right, those big bulky things that you may or may not read out of, but you know you should. Yeah, those textbooks. This will teach you the right way to read a real estate textbook fast and effectively, and it may just motivate you to give textbook reading a try.

In our case, I will be talking about real estate textbooks, but honestly, this method works for any textbook that has to deal with exams. So feel free to share this method with anyone you know who is studying for an exam.

Why Textbook Reading Optimization Matters

For those of you who know us here at Real Estate License Wizard, we are all about optimizing time, me personally especially. If I am going to sit down and study using a textbook, I want to make my time as valuable as possible. After all, time is money.

Most people usually try to read a textbook like a regular book. They start at page 1, then go to pages 2, 3, 4, and so on. This is the least efficient method to study using a textbook. Textbooks are not like novels; there is no climax, and it does not typically matter what order you read it in.

Click the video below for more:

Here is the six point plan, as referenced in the video, to maximize your real estate textbook reading:

  1. Look at the Table of Contents
  2. Flick Through the Entire Chapter
  3. Read Through the Practice Questions
  4. Read Bold Print and Highlighted Materials
  5. Read the First and Last Sentence of Each Paragraph
  6. Start Reading and Taking Notes

Thanks so much, as always, “Make Today Magical.”

The Real Estate License Wizard,

Zackary Smigel

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