Real Estate Exam Questions Explained (100+)

Studying for your real estate license exam but want more? Great! I have fantastic news for you!

I am pleased to announce the public release of our brand new real estate exam explained series.

If you are struggling with real estate exam questions, look no further. In this 3 part series, I go through ALL current questions featured on our real estate practice exam.

Our newest series is designed with one main thing in mind: simplification. Let’s simplify the questions on the real estate exam.

The series is truly perfect for anyone knees deep in studying. Inside I go through each question on our practice exam, and I give a behind the scenes look so that you can be extra prepared for your big day. Not only do I walk through every question with you, but I also give great exam tips along the way.

Oh, and it gets better. It’s free! That’s right, and it’s on our YouTube channel. So go ahead and dive in.

Click the links below to start:

Real Estate Practice Exam Questions 1-40 (2019)

Real Estate Practice Exam Questions 41-80 (2019)

Real Estate Practice Exam Questions 81-120 (2019)

Thanks so much, as always, “Make Today Magical.”

The Real Estate License Wizard,

Zackary Smigel

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