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Real Estate Exam Questions Explained (100+)

Studying for your real estate license exam but want more? Great! I have fantastic news for you! I am pleased to announce the public release of our brand new real estate exam explained series. If you are struggling with real …

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50+ Free Real Estate Practice Exam Questions Now Available and More!

Guess what? This month I decided to go crazy!

I am pleased to announce to my fans, supporters, and the public, the release of 50+ Real Estate Practice Exam questions for free.  

That’s right, you heard it right – 50+ Real Estate Practice Exam Questions for FREE!!!

As exciting as that is I have one more big announcement…

I am also pleased to announce we are now offering different real estate prep packages. We understand that some people have different needs and time constraints. That’s why are offering a simple  system to make sure everyone can get exactly what they want.

When did studying for a real estate license become so expensive? I don’t know, but I vowed to change that. Our team is dedicated to making real estate study materials affordable and this month we take a large step towards that.

Thanks to all the support you have given me throughout this last year I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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The Real Estate License Wizard,

Zackary Smigel

welcome to the real estate blog

Welcome to our Real Estate Blog

Let’s be honest. You are here for one reason – you want to get your real estate license. Many moons ago, the only way to study for the real estate exam was through a large phone book sized textbook. Now …

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