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Can You Get a Real Estate License Online?

A few years ago, I made up my mind: I was going to prioritize the work-life balance. Now, I had a little person to look after. That is why real estate is my “career-mate”.

Many aspiring real estate agents are drawn to the industry in search of flexibility. And I tell you that flexibility is a real estate code. Most things in real estate take place on the World Wide Web.

So, if you are wondering, “Can you get a real estate license online?” the answer is a hearty yes. You can get your real estate license online. In every U.S. state, you can take your pre-licensing course and submit your real estate license application online. Some states, like the Sunshine State, also allow hopeful agents to take the real estate exam online.

This article will explore how to get your real estate license online, an increasingly popular and flexible option. By reading this guide, you’ll learn how you could save time and streamline your journey toward becoming a licensed agent.

Can You Get a Real Estate License Online?

With the tech advancements we have seen in the past couple of years, it’s only fair for real estate licensing to go digital. The best part? It shortens the duration it takes to get a license.

Most accredited pre-licensing course providers have long joined the online community. This means you can find approved real estate courses online and take them from the comfort of your home. Imagine this: you’re sitting on your couch, sipping coffee in your PJs while learning about property laws and market trends.

But even with the online option, due diligence is required on your part. The possibility of taking online courses also increases your chances of enrolling in unaccredited courses. You must remember that if a course is not on your real estate licensing agency’s website, it is not an accredited pre-licensing course.

And if you are from states like Florida, you can also take your exam online. Renowned testing partners like Pearson Vue and PSI offer remote exam-taking options. All you need to do is register for the exam, and you won’t need to leave your house.

The final layer to this licensing cake is to apply for the license. The good news is that most states’ predominant license application method is via the Internet. There is no need to fill out endless paperwork; with just a few clicks, you could be well on your way to obtaining that coveted license.

How to Take the Real Estate Exam Online

Taking a Pearson Vue online exam is achievable in only four steps. Through the help of an online proctor who monitors your examination remotely, you can complete your licensing exam from the familiar confines of your home.

It’s like having an invigilator with you but through your computer screen!

However, not every state has confirmed the availability of this option yet. So, if you’re asking yourself: “Can you get a real estate license online?” it’s crucial to verify with both your licensing body and testing partner whether this route is available for you.

Step 1: Schedule Exam

As with the traditional testing format, you will have to register to take your real estate exam. Regardless of your state’s testing partner, you still need to apply to take the exam with your licensing body.

Your state will either schedule your exam or send you instructions to schedule it yourself. It all depends on the option you choose during the application.

Side note: Always try to pay your exam fees immediately after filling out the application. Your application is only regarded as complete once your fees are paid.

Step 2: Prepare for Exam Day

Preparing to take the exam at home is slightly different than at a testing center. And it has nothing to do with the wallpaper.

Instead of only ensuring that you understand the coursework and have your appropriate ID, you also have to verify that your computer meets system requirements for the exam.

To run a system check, you must download the required testing software onto the device you will be using on test day and run it. If you are testing with Pearson Vue, you will need an access code pertinent to running the system test.

Side note: Evaluate the technical requirements before proceeding with the download.

Step 3: Rules and Regulations

Remote testing rules are rather strict. Testing agencies don’t provide any leeway for online candidates just because they won’t be in the room with them.

Failing to comply with guidelines could lead not just to some minor inconvenience but potentially cause a candidate to forfeit their entire exam. That means all those hours spent studying would go down the drain because of a simple oversight regarding procedural compliance.

Before game day, rigorously review regulations governing online testing for your state. Double-check your space to ensure it meets requirements.

A few testing rules to guarantee:

  • You are in a quiet, distraction-free, and well-lit room
  • Your testing stations must be far from windows
  • No one may enter the room, not even to offer you a glass of water
  • There should be no preparation material or sticky notes in the room

Side note: Keep your testing space simple and minimalistic. Your desk, computer, and chair should suffice. Remove any posters or boards from your walls.

Step 4: Start the Exam

When exam day rolls around, another system check is in order. A system check can help identify potential issues that may hinder the examination process, such as a slow internet connection or software compatibility problems. This proactive step allows time for troubleshooting and resolution.

Once you are confident about your system’s functionality, check in. The check-in process occurs 30 to 15 minutes before the scheduled exam time.

You will need to have your identification document in hand. Your proctor will need to see it before the exam begins.

Side note: Ensure you have the correct ID type and that your listed names match those you used to schedule your exam.

Advantages of Getting Your Real Estate License Online

From flexibility to convenience, deciding to get your real estate license online comes with an array of benefits. We have listed a few below:


Whether you are a high schooler wondering if you can get your real estate license at 17 or a mom of three dreaming of a life in real estate, the online route will provide you with a self-paced licensing option.

You can take courses after school or dinner once the kids are in bed. The online license application process also allows licensees to complete their applications anywhere, anytime.


Who doesn’t like a good bargain? Most online education often comes with lower tuition rates compared with campus-based programs. If you submit a digital application, you can save on printing and mailing costs.


Gone are the days when long commutes were necessary only so you could sit in a lecture hall. Whether on lunch break at work or unwinding at home, you can study for your real estate license.

Industry Preparation

Gaining firsthand experience leveraging virtual communication and productivity tools through online licensing courses is vital. As technology rapidly reshapes modern real estate practices, being comfortable conducting business digitally is essential.

Whether it’s processing e-documents, interacting via video conferencing platforms, or keeping track of contacts online, virtual courses fully immerse you in the digital environment you’ll be working within.

Disadvantages of Getting Your Real Estate License Online

While online real estate licensing offers flexibility and convenience, it also comes with drawbacks compared to in-person training programs. Students who opt for remote learning should be aware of the following potential disadvantages:


The home environment can produce many distractions, like household tasks and communicative family members, which can impede productivity and focus during coursework. The lack of structure and in-person accountability also makes procrastinating easier.


If you have ever tried to complete a four-week workout plan from home, then you know there is something to benefit from peer pressure. Pushing yourself consistently through course content without the in-classroom structure and schedule requires strong self-motivation and diligent dedication. It can be easier to lag or delay assignments.

Less Collaboration

The discussions and interactions with instructors and peers in an in-person classroom setting are lacking in online platforms. This collaborative environment and engagement supplement the learning experience and help you assimilate information better.

The Remote Revolution

Thanks to technological advancement, real estate agents can get their real estate licenses online. Though it has several disadvantages, the pros of going digital far outweigh its drawbacks.

Think of it as a movement: Choose the remote revolution and save the planet.

Next Steps:
Here are some steps if you’re considering getting your real estate license online:
1. Research: Look into accredited pre-licensing course providers that offer courses online.
2. Verify: Confirm whether your state allows taking the exam online through testing partners.
3. Prepare: Ensure that your computer meets system requirements for the exam.
4. Register: Apply to take the exam with your licensing body.
5. Study: Dedicate daily time to studying for the exam from home.

Have you ever considered getting a real estate license? Use our updated real estate practice test to help you prepare for an ace.

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