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Package Mortgages in Real Estate

Mortgage loans are a huge component of any real estate transaction, so it’s essential to understand what they are, how they work, and what basic types exist. This article covers package mortgages, how they differ from other loans, and what …

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Fixture Image

What is a Fixture?

Who takes the appliances in the sale of a home, the buyer or seller? What about the ceiling fans, rugs, and bookcases? This article will discuss fixtures, what they are, how they differ from personal property, and how it is …

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Rectangular Survey System Image

What is the Rectangular Survey System?

The Rectangular Survey System, also known as the Government Survey System or Public Land Survey System, is a method of plotting land boundaries in the United States using a large grid made up of rectangles. The grid is divided into …

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Panic selling and blockbusting image

What is Blockbusting in Real Estate?

Like redlining and steering, blockbusting is an illegal act of discrimination that still happens frequently today in the real estate market. In this article, we’ll cover what blockbusting is, some examples, and of course, what you need to know to …

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Woman Steering Image

What is Steering in Real Estate?

Steering in real estate is illegal, and you may be guilty of it! We’re going to look at the history of steering and discrimination, why it is illegal and how you might be guilty of it without you knowing. More …

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