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tenant turnover

Tenant Turnover Definition

Tenant turnover refers to the portion of tenants who stay in a rental property versus the number of tenants who leave. It can also be used to describe the period between lease expiration and the arrival of a new renter …

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Receivership in Real Estate Definition

Receivership in real estate is a court-appointed process in which a receiver manages the assets on behalf of the creditor to solve disputes. The receiver is the trustee who receives the funds or assets of the borrower that it can …

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rent roll

Rent Roll Definition

A rent roll is a spreadsheet that provides information about a property’s gross rental income and its tenants. Real estate professionals and property managers must understand the importance of a rent roll in rental housing. If you are unsure how …

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mortgage service rights

Mortgage Servicing Rights Definition

Mortgage servicing rights is a contractual agreement in which the original lender sells the mortgage servicing rights to another party. This third party performs different functions required to service the mortgage. With my deep understanding of real estate concepts and …

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mortgage assignment

Mortgage Assignment Definition

When the mortgage lender assigns their mortgage and its interest to a new lender, it’s called mortgage assignment. The lender uses an assignment-of-mortgage document to transfer the mortgage legally. It is important for real estate students and agents to understand …

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subsidized housing

Subsidized Housing Definition

Subsidized housing is a government system that provides housing assistance to low-income tenants. Before you can call yourself a real estate pro, you must know how subsidized housing works. To understand the role of subsidized housing in real estate, we …

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