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What Does it Take to Get a Real Estate License?

A teaspoon of hard work, a pinch of patience, and a lot of preparation. I can tell you one thing: licensing is a journey worth taking.

If you are wondering, “What does it take to get a real estate license,” you’ve come to the right place. There is no direct answer to this question. The process of getting a real estate license differs from one state to another.  

The general process across states starts with enrolling in a course, passing the real estate exam, and working under the right brokerage.

In this article, we’ll delve into what it takes to earn that coveted credential and launch your career. You’ll gain valuable insights and practical steps toward achieving your goal. Let’s dive right into our comprehensive review!

Enrolling in a Real Estate School

Have you ever heard the saying: things don’t go wrong; they start out wrong? It’s one of those sayings that were engraved in me growing up.

Once you have decided that you want to become a real estate agent, then it is time to step out on the right foot. In this case, it’s partnering with the right education provider.

There are two primary pathways to pre-licensing education. You can either go the traditional route and attend university or opt for a state-approved course provider.

Choosing to partner with a course provider, however, doesn’t necessarily shorten the licensing duration. Every course, whether from a university or state-approved provider, will meet the same pre-licensing seat-time requirement.

A quick example: the North Dakota Real Estate Commission requires 90 hours of pre-licensing education. Satisfying this requirement will take 90 hours, whether you are studying with the University of North Dakota or a course provider.

I always advise first-time licensees to ensure they pick the path that best serves them. Here is how you can guarantee you partner with  the right provider for you:

  • Visit your local licensing agency’s website
  • Review their list of approved education providers
  • Compare schools based on tuition and service
  • Don’t be shy to visit their testimonial pages and see what former students have to say

Passing the Real Estate Exam

With pre-licensing education completed, you can now reach forward and complete your real estate exam. The exam is made up of two portions, the national and local or state-specific.

I have often been roped into the argument that tries to determine which portion of the exam is harder. The reality is that proper preparation goes a long way.

To succeed on the exam, you must know your strengths and take advantage of them. You will need a clear understanding of your weaknesses and use online resources to improve in these areas.

The National Exam

The national portion of the exam tests a candidate’s understanding of real estate regulations at a national level. This portion of the exam is standard in every state.

The uniformity of this portion is what makes multi-state licensing through reciprocity easy to tackle. It eliminates the need for already licensed agents to take this portion, significantly reducing the time it takes to obtain an out-of-state license.

The national exam tests eight core areas:

  • Real property characteristics, legal descriptions, and property use
  • Forms of ownership, transfer, and recording of title
  • Property value and appraisal
  • Real estate practices
  • Property disclosures and environmental issues
  • Financing and settlement
  • Real estate math calculations  

The State Exam

The state-specific portion assesses a candidate’s understanding of local real estate laws and regulations. With every jurisdiction carrying a distinct set of laws, the state-specific licensing exams will always differ.

For example, the Texas state-specific test covers six topics, while the Nebraska outline only displays five primary subject areas.

To find your state’s exact breakdown, you must visit the Pearson Vue official website. As the national examining body, it houses the outlines for every state exam.

But some of the topics recurring in most state-specific exams are:

  • Commission duties and powers
  • Licensing
  • Agency

You can use our state-specific real estate exam to help you prepare for exam day. We regularly update our material, because providing you with an opportunity to excel is part of our DNA.

Join an Organization

The last thing on your licensing checklist is joining a brokerage. Affiliating with a brokerage provides essential mentoring and resources to set you up for success.

Brokers offer guidance on contracts, forms, marketing tactics, and neighborhood trends. Did I also mention that in most states, this is a requirement? Real estate agents are mandated to operate under the watchful eye of a broker.

Take time to research brokerages and find one whose vision, values, and expertise align with your goals.

Your joining spree doesn’t have to end there. Becoming a part of a local real estate organization can help boost and protect your career.

Imagine being a part of the elite group of Realtors® across the country. You would have the freedom to use the Realtor® trademark.

Backed by their name and industry recognition, it may be easier to earn clients’ trust and stand out from the competition. Being a part of your state’s Realtor® association can also provide you with connections within your direct community.

You Have What It Takes

What does it take to get a real estate license? The right education, an ace on your licensing exam, and joining a brokerage. Getting a real estate license is undoubtedly an exciting journey. But it’s not without challenges. It requires commitment, dedication, and the right preparation.

Next Steps: Ready to embark on this thrilling adventure? Here are some steps you can take immediately:
1. Research potential schools or course providers in your area.
2. Start studying for the national exam using available online resources.
3. Look into local brokerages where you might like to work after getting licensed.

But if you are struggling to grasp your real estate coursework, our courses can help.

Our real estate course is designed to help students better understand their coursework and achieve the passing mark. View our pricing plans and start your journey to licensing because we believe that you have what it takes.

We’d love to hear about your experiences as you start this journey towards becoming a licensed real estate agent. Share them in the comments section below, or better yet, try out these steps and let us know how it went!

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