PrepAgent vs. Real Estate License Wizard

Are you a real estate student looking for the best study materials to ace your exam? Look no further because we’ve got you covered! In this post, we’ll compare two popular services – PrepAgent vs. Real Estate License Wizard – to help you decide which is best for you.

Whether you’re a visual learner or prefer interactive practice questions, we’ll break down everything you need to know to pick the perfect study tool. Keep reading to discover which platform will give you the confidence and knowledge to pass your real estate exam with flying colors!

A Mini Review of PrepAgent

  • Offers real estate exam prep for all 50 states
  • Wide range of study materials in packages
  • Convenient mobile app
  • Excellent ratings from 1,100+ customers
  • Fantastic 120-day refund policy
  • State exam prep is less comprehensive
  • Limited access with time restraints
Premium Offerings:
Course Flexibility:
Customer Feedback:
Refund Policy:
Free Offerings:

Like PrepAgent, Real Estate License Wizard is an online educational platform that makes getting a real estate license easy. Offering an array of prep courses, practice exams, and valuable resources, Real Estate License Wizard provides everything you need to ensure you pass the real estate exam the first time.

A Mini Review of Real Estate License Wizard

  • Practice exams with 100+ questions
  • Widest range of free study materials
  • Affordable options for one-year access
  • Excellent reviews from customers
  • Fantastic 100% refund policy
  • No mobile app
  • Does not offer content for all 50 states
Premium Offerings:
Course Flexibility:
Customer Feedback:
Refund Policy:
Free Offerings:

Key Features: Real Estate License Wizard vs. PrepAgent

Let’s break down the key features of each exam prep platform to see how they compare!

Premium Offerings

What do Real Estate License Wizard and PrepAgent offer in their courses? See how they compare below!

Real Estate License WizardPrepAgent
National QuestionsNational Questions
State QuestionsState Questions
Math Questions 75+ Exam Prep Videos
50 True/False QuestionsVocabulary Flashcards
50+ Exam Prep VideosAudio Lessons
Vocabulary FlashcardsLive and Recorded Webinars
Ad-Free Access to YouTube VideosPrep E-Book and Vocab Worksheet
Bonus Material

Verdict: Real Estate License Wizard wins! 🏆

While both platforms offer excellent online courses for real estate students, Real Estate License Wizard takes the cake! Our comprehensive exam prep courses cover a wider range of topics, and our bonus content provides future real estate agents with more tools to succeed.

Course Flexibility

How flexible are the courses offered by License Wizard vs. PrepAgent? See the table below!

Real Estate License WizardPrepAgent
Mobile app
Compatible with mobile and tablet devices
Live coursesLive webinars with real estate experts

Verdict: PrepAgent wins! 🏆

PrepAgent offers a mobile app that lets you access their real estate education materials from the convenience of your phone. Real Estate License Wizard doesn’t have an app yet, but our website is compatible with phones and tablets so that you can still access content on-the-go.

However, PrepAgent also offers live webinars where you can interact with instructors. This feature sets it apart from other exam prep courses and makes it a clear winner for course flexibility.

Customer Feedback

What do aspiring real estate students think of PrepAgent vs. Real Estate License Wizard? Let’s take a look!

Real Estate License WizardPrepAgent
Facebook Reviews⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Facebook Followers300+33K+
Instagram Followers400+43K+
YouTube Subscribers57K+ 265K+

Verdict: PrepAgent wins! 🏆

While both exam preparation companies have excellent reviews, PrepAgent is a more prominent name in the real estate industry. This doesn’t necessarily mean PrepAgent is better, but it means it has more reviews and followers on social media.


Looking to save money? Let’s check out how these real estate prep services price their materials!

Real Estate License WizardPrepAgent
PricingOne-Week Crash Course: $79
One-Year National-Only Prep: $89
One-Year National and State Prep: $99
One-Week Basic Course: $59
One-Month-Deluxe: $79
One-Year Premium: $99

Verdict: It’s a tie! 🎉

Real estate students who choose the Wizard’s $99 option receive more in-depth information than what’s available at the same price point with PrepAgent. However, PrepAgent’s one-week crash course is cheaper than the Real Estate Wizard’s.

If you’re considering mid-range price point packages, Real Estate License Wizard provides year-long access to national real estate education. Meanwhile, PrepAgent only gives you a month, but they include state test prep at a slightly lower cost.

All things considered, we believe that Real Estate License Wizard and PrepAgent are equally affordable options.

Refund Policy

Are you worried about being disappointed with your purchase? Check out the refund policy of each company below!

Real Estate License WizardPrepAgent
Refund Period30 days120 days
Proof of Failure Required?NoNo

Verdict: PrepAgent wins! 🏆

Both Real Estate License Wizard and PrepAgent offer full refunds without questions, but PrepAgent’s 120-day refund period makes it the winner in this department.

Free Offerings

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Compare the free offerings of Real Estate License Wizard vs. PrepAgent to see who has the better deal!

Real Estate License WizardPrepAgent
National Practice Exam (100+ Questions)National Practice Exam with 9 Questions
State Practice Exams (100+ Questions)50 Free Questions (When You Sign Up with Email)
Real Estate Math Practice Exam (50+ Questions) with Cheat Sheet
Real Estate Exam Prep ArticlesReal Estate Exam Prep Articles
359+ Real Estate Terms & Flashcards
Real Estate GlossaryReal Estate Dictionary
Question of the Day Emails

Verdict: Real Estate License Wizard wins! 🏆

Real Estate License Wizard stands out with its superior free materials. Its National Practice Exam has ten times more questions than PrepAgent’s, and it even offers comprehensive state exams with 100+ questions. You can also read informative blog articles, take the real estate math practice exam, and brush up on vocabulary with online flashcards!

Who Real Estate License Wizard Is Best for

Real Estate License Wizard is the go-to platform for real estate students seeking comprehensive information for state exams; we go into way more detail for how each state works than PrepAgent!

Thanks to our YouTube videos, vocabulary flashcards, and real estate articles, we’re ideal for students seeking fun, free, informative content. If this sounds like you, start studying with Real Estate License Wizard today!

Who PrepAgent Is Best for

PrepAgent is ideal for students seeking a flexible learning experience to pass the real estate license exam. Its mobile app provides convenient access to various educational courses and materials, making it an excellent choice for busy students on-the-go.

Real Estate Wizard vs. PrepAgent: Who Is the Winner?

Overall, Real Estate License Wizard and PrepAgent are suitable options for real estate students looking to pass the exam. But while both services offer comprehensive study materials and competitive pricing, we believe one comes out on top, and that’s Real Estate License Wizard!

Due to our extensive course offerings and wealth of resources, we’re ahead of the game in ensuring that real estate students succeed. So why wait? Dive in and start your journey to becoming a real estate agent with Real Estate License Wizard today!

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