Compucram vs Real Estate License Wizard

Are you a real estate student preparing to take the license exam? Are you overwhelmed by the abundance of real estate exam prep courses available? Well, look no further than Real Estate License Wizard and Compucram! These two exam prep programs offer many tools to help you pass the test with ease, but which one reigns supreme?

In this post, we’ll compare Compucram vs. Real Estate License Wizard based on several key factors to help you find the best option. Keep reading to ace the real estate exam and kickstart your real estate career!

A Mini Review of Compucram

  • Free practice exam
  • All-in-one real estate education courses
  • Mobile app for maximum convenience
  • 5-star rating from 1,400+ students
  • 30-day refund policy
  • Practice exams only have 10 questions
  • Limited access to materials with time constraints
Premium Offerings:
Course Flexibility:
Customer Feedback:
Refund Policy:
Free Offerings:

Like Compucram, Real Estate License Wizard is an exam prep program that helps aspiring real estate agents ace their tests.

A Mini Review of Real Estate License Wizard

  • Practice exams with 100+ questions
  • Widest range of free study materials
  • Affordable options for one-year access
  • Excellent reviews from customers
  • Fantastic 100% refund policy
  • No mobile app
  • Does not offer content for all 50 states
Premium Offerings:
Course Flexibility:
Customer Feedback:
Refund Policy:
Free Offerings:

Key Features: Real Estate License Wizard vs. Compucram

Are you ready for the ultimate showdown between exam prep platforms? Let’s dive into the key features of each and see how they stack up against each other!

Premium Offerings

Before spending your money, check out what Real Estate License Wizard offers their paying students versus Compucram!

Real Estate License WizardCompucram
National QuestionsNational Questions
State QuestionsState Questions
Math Questions Readiness Indicator Tool
50 True/False QuestionsVocabulary Assessments
50+ Exam Prep Videos
Vocabulary Flashcards
Ad-Free Access to YouTube Videos
Bonus Material

Verdict: Real Estate License Wizard wins! 🏆

Real Estate License Wizard offers a wider variety of study tools and benefits than Compucram. Our resources cover more crucial real estate topics and provide additional opportunities for interactive learning. The Wizard even offers bonus content, such as ad-free video viewing, to accelerate the learning process.

Course Flexibility

How flexible are each of the real estate exam prep courses? Check out the table below!

Real Estate License WizardCompucram
Mobile app
Compatible with mobile and tablet devices

Verdict: Compucram wins! 🏆

Compucram features a mobile app that lets iPhone users access real estate exam prep from the palm of their hands. While Real Estate License Wizard doesn’t offer an app yet, we are compatible with phones and tablets, so you can still take your learning experience to go.  

Customer Feedback

How many happy customers does each exam prep program have? Let’s break it down below!

Real Estate License WizardCompucram
Facebook Reviews⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Facebook Followers300+1K+
Instagram Followers400+50+
YouTube Subscribers57K+ 500+

Verdict: Real Estate License Wizard wins! 🏆

Although Compucram has more Facebook reviews, Real Estate License Wizard takes the cake in this round! With a 5-star rating and over 50,000 happy YouTube subscribers, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands with the Wizard.  


But which option is more budget-friendly? Let’s crunch the numbers and save you some money!

Real Estate License WizardCompucram
PricingOne-Week Crash Course: $79
One-Year National-Only Prep: $89
One-Year National and State Prep: $99
State-Only Exam Prep: $62
State and National Exam Prep: $105

Verdict: Real Estate License Wizard wins! 🏆

Real Estate License Wizard is better for penny-pinching students seeking state and national exam prep courses. Our program provides a full year of exam preparation for just $99, which is more affordable than Compucram’s 180-day package priced at $105. If you want more for less, go with the Real Estate License Wizard!

Refund Policy

Are you concerned you won’t be happy with your exam prep courses? Find out which service offers the best refund policy below!

Real Estate License WizardCompucram
Refund Period30 days30 days
Proof of Failure Required?NoYes
ContingenciesNoneExam prep cannot be completed

Verdict: Real Estate License Wizard wins! 🏆

Both platforms offer 30-day refund policies, but Real Estate License Wizard’s is far superior. Students who enroll in the Wizard program can receive a refund within 30 days, no questions asked. On the other hand, students who sign up for Compucram only receive a refund if they have not completed the exam prep course and can prove they failed the exam.

Free Offerings

But which real estate exam prep course offers the most free study materials? See the table below for a breakdown!

Real Estate License WizardCompucram
National Practice Exam (100+ Questions)National Practice Exam (10 Questions)
State Practice Exams (100+ Questions)
Real Estate Math Practice Exam with Cheat Sheet
Real Estate Exam Prep Articles
359+ Real Estate Terms & Flashcards
Real Estate Glossary

Verdict: Real Estate License Wizard wins! 🏆

Real Estate License Wizard provides a superior selection of free study resources and practice exams compared to Compucram. The Wizard’s comprehensive catalog includes practice tests with 100 questions, while Compucram only offers 10. Additionally, the Wizard has practice exams tailored to each state, whereas Compucram lacks this feature.

Who Real Estate License Wizard Is Best for

Real Estate License Wizard is your best bet if you’re seeking comprehensive study material at a reasonable price. This exam prep program provides aspiring real estate agents with top-of-the-line practice questions that closely mimic the actual exam, making it ideal for those who want to feel fully prepared before the big day.

If this is you, sign up with Real Estate License Wizard and become a licensed real estate agent in no time!

Who Compucram Is Best for

Real estate students prioritizing efficiency and streamlined studying will find Compucram an excellent option. This real estate exam prep program provides a comprehensive, all-in-one approach to exam preparation, allowing students to study smarter and more effectively.

Real Estate License Wizard vs. Compucram: Which Is Better?

Both Real Estate License Wizard and Compucram offer excellent resources for real estate students looking to pass their exams. Each program has unique strengths and weaknesses, and the best choice ultimately depends on your personal learning style and needs.

Whether you prefer a more interactive and personalized approach with Real Estate License Wizard or a comprehensive and streamlined approach with Compucram, both programs can provide the tools you need to succeed. However, if we had to rank one as the best, we’d pick Real Estate License Wizard, which comes out on top in almost every category.

Choose the program that resonates with you the most, and start preparing for your real estate exam with confidence!

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