government powers

Government Power Definition

Government powers within the world of real estate can be complex. In short, government powers enforce laws to promote the general welfare of the United States and its people. What is Government Power? Definition: Government power is the constitutional authority …

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contingent image

Contingent Definition

When you and your clients are searching the market for new homes, often you’ll run across properties in different states of activity. A contingent property simply means an offer for the property has been accepted by the seller. They are …

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lien image

Lien Definition

A lien gives someone else a right to something you own. Liens are something not often talked about, although they should be. Liens can make your life a huge mess! Or, in some instances, be a lifesaver. In short, a …

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leasehold estate image.

Leasehold Estate Definition

A less than freehold estate (also known as a leasehold estate) is an estate held by one who rents or leases property. The key difference between a leasehold estate and a freehold estate is the limitation of time. As lease …

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freehold estate image

Freehold Estate Definition

So how do estates work, and what are they? Well, estates can be divided into two different sections: freehold estates and leasehold estates. In this article, we will cover freehold estates. A freehold estate is an estate in which you …

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puffing image

Puffing Definition

When you hear agents say, “Check out this beautiful house. It’s MASSIVE,” and it’s actually not. It’s called puffing. What is Puffing? Definition: The term puffing refers to “extravagant claims made by sellers in order to attract buyers.” In plain …

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