exclusive listing agency

Exclusive Agency Listing Definition

An exclusive agency listing is a real estate agreement where the seller gives an agent the exclusive right to sell their home, but the agent only receives a commission if they find a buyer. You can’t call yourself a real …

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exclusive listing

Exclusive Listing Definition

An exclusive listing agreement is where a seller gives a real estate agent the exclusive right to sell their property. In an exclusive agreement, no other real estate agents can assist in selling the home; only one broker. As a …

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tenant rights for repairs

Tenant Rights for Repairs Definition

The tenant rights for repairs is the implied right that allows a tenant to make necessary repairs and deduct the cost of the repairs from the rent under certain circumstances. Not only is it crucial for tenants to know their …

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tenant vs landlord

Tenant vs Landlord Responsibility

In a lease agreement, the landlord and tenant each have a share of responsibilities they must uphold. Real estate professionals should know the differences between tenant vs landlord responsibilities. It would be best to learn from rental real estate connoisseurs …

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tenant turnover

Tenant Turnover Definition

Tenant turnover refers to the portion of tenants who stay in a rental property versus the number of tenants who leave. It can also be used to describe the period between lease expiration and the arrival of a new renter …

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Receivership in Real Estate Definition

Receivership in real estate is a court-appointed process in which a receiver manages the assets on behalf of the creditor to solve disputes. The receiver is the trustee who receives the funds or assets of the borrower that it can …

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