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I Purchased Questions But They Are Not Showing Up?

Occasionally, our system takes a little bit to update. If for some reason your questions are not showing up try refreshing your page. You can do that by clicking the link here. If that does not work either try logging out of your exam account and then log back in. If that does not work either please reach out to us.

What Happens If I Purchased The Wrong Set of Questions?

That’s okay! Mistakes happen. Just reach out to us and we can transfer which questions are associated with your account.

Can I Transfer Access of The Questions I Purchased to Another Email?

It depends. This is determined by a case to case basis. If a mistake was made we are happy to fix it but per our terms and conditions we do not allow account sharing. For more on that reach out to us.

Can I Access the Questions I Purchased on Mobile?

Yes! We are currently optimized for most mobile users and tablets. Our site works best in Chrome.

How Do I Access the Questions I Purchased?

You can login here. If for some reason your questions are not showing up reach out to us.

How Accurate Are Your Questions?

We strive to make our questions as accurate and up to date as possible.We use the most updated laws and information to create every one of our questions. If something looks wrong feel free to contact us and we will fix it immediately.

Are These Questions The Same As The Ones On My States Exam?

Not exactly. It would be illegal to copy the actual questions. We do however use the concepts and laws associated with the questions typically on the exam.

Other Questions

Do We Offer Pre-licensing?

We do not currently offer pre-licensing. Our courses and exams are designed to help prepare students exclusively for the exam. They do not count towards credit hours; however, if this is something you’re interested in, please let us know.

Do We Offer In-person Exam Prep?

We do. Classroom training starts at $1,500.00 per session. If you are an agency and are looking for a volume discount or have more than 20 students, please contact us.

Why Teachable?

This site as well as all our transactions are hosted through Teachable. The platform helps us manage our students and gives students the proper tools to succeed. We choose Teachable for many reasons but the main one is: its the best place to host all our services. For more information check out their terms of use.

Do We Have An App?

We currently do not have a mobile or tablet app. We are in fact optimized for both, through chrome, and with most search engines. If you purchased our prep course you can also study using the official IOS Teachable app. If you want to download it, you can check it out here: on the app store.

Are We Hiring?

We are always looking for talented, motivated, people to join our team. For more information contact us.