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Fraud can be described as many things. Typically fraud is intended deception to result in financial or personal gain. In real estate, fraud can occur at many […]

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Bilateral Contracts vs Unilateral Contracts

Bilateral Contracts vs Unilateral Contracts Image

Contracts are used personally and professionally. The two types of contracts are unilateral and bilateral. The difference between the two is in the number of parties involved. […]

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escrow image

Often you will hear real estate agents say a home is “in escrow.” What does that mean? Is escrow a place? Is escrow even needed? Today we […]

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Appurtenant image

Appurtenance? Appurtenant? What does it all mean? For starters, appurtenant is a legal term to describe an object attached to something. Appurtenance is the item itself once […]

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Water Rights

water rights image

Having land connected to water can be a huge plus for some property owners. It also can be sought after for businesses. Water rights can be somewhat […]

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Bundle of Rights

Bundle of Rights

Real estate property holds with it specific rights. These legal rights can be split up and given to different parties and are called the bundle of rights. […]

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Government Power

government powers

Government powers within the world of real estate can be complex. In short, government powers enforce laws to promote the general welfare of the United States and […]

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