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Real Estate Exam Prep Videos

We have almost everything real estate related, and yes, that includes real estate exam prep videos. In this article, we put together some of our top real estate exam prep videos and playlists. Real Estate Exam Concepts and Definitions In …

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Debits and Credits in Real Estate

Debit and credits in real estate come up during closing in a real estate transaction. A debit is money you owe, while credit is money owed to you. Debits and credits are described in a closing statement in their sections …

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Real Estate Economics

Real estate economics is the application of economic techniques in real estate markets. The primary purpose of real estate economics is to explain and predict prices utilizing supply and demand. Mastering real estate economics can help real estate agents, investors, …

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Ingress and Egress

Ingress and egress just mean entering and exiting; however, there is more to it than that. Ingress and egress issues in real estate can be complicated, so it’s super important to understand how it all works. First off, to fully …

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Color of Title Definition

Color of title refers to a claim to title that appears to be legally valid but may be defective. As you probably know in real estate, things can be complicated, so it’s vital to understand all legal concepts fully. Before …

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Adverse Possession Guide

Did you know under certain circumstances, a trespasser can come onto land, occupy it, and gain legal ownership of it through adverse possession? As crazy as it sounds, adverse possession, sometimes referred to as squatter’s rights, are just that. Adverse …

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